Examples of work

Part of my work consists of drafting and reviewing contracts and terms and conditions. Below is a list of the types I work regularly with.

Kinds of contracts:

  • Instruction agreement
  • Cooperation agreement
  • License agreement
  • Film option agreement
  • Distribution agreement
  • Agency agreement
  • IT service agreement (MSA)
  • Development agreement
  • Service level agreement (SLA)
  • Escrow agreement
  • Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  • Letters of intent
  • Data processing agreement (DPA)

Kinds of terms and conditions:

  • General terms and conditions of sale
  • General terms and conditions of purchase
  • Terms of use

Kinds of privacy documents:

  • Privacy policy
  • Privacy declaration

In cooperation with Vesper Attorneys:

  • Share purchase agreements (SPA)
  • Asset purchase agreements (APA)
  • Including due diligence work

My aim is to provide documents that are tailor-made. Each business is different and has different customs. Depending on its business model and growth strategy, each business has different interests. It is essential for me to understand such factors and that is why I put a lot energy in getting to know my client and its particular situation. I use the information this provides to draft a document that fits the business process of my client. I also advise my client how to use it in daily practice. If a particular solution does not work in reality, we look for a different one. It's the end result that counts.

In addition I offer advice and guidance in compliance matters with regard to:

  • Data protection and privacy law (GDPR)
  • Including personal data breaches and notification to the supervisory authority
  • Including with regard to DPIA's and the analysis of legitimate interests
  • Consumer law / e-commerce 

I also offer advice and guidance in infringement matters:

  • Infringement of copyright


  • My practice has been aimed for a substantial part on litigation over the years, both in principle cases and in summary proceedings and in appeal proceedings. That is not the aim of my current practice